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Terms & Conditions JGBM's Terms & ConditionsBy accessing and browsing the JGBM website you agree to the following terms:With the exception of the download area the contents of the JGBM website are copyright - JGBM Ltd. All rights reserved. Except solely for your own personal use, the contents of this site whether in part or in whole cannot be reproduced, transferred, distributed or stored in any form without the prior written permission of JGBM Ltd.JGBM Ltd endeavors to ensure that this site is updated on a regular basis and that the data and other material available is correct and complete, we do not accept liability for any errors made or omissions from this site. JGBM Ltd shall not be liable for any claims or losses of any nature, arising indirectly or directly from use of the data or material on this site or unauthorized access to this site or otherwise howsoever arising (except to the extent required by law).Links to other sites from this site are for information only and JGBM Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability arising from access to, or the material on, any site which is linked from or to this site.Formation of Contract of SaleNo contract shall be deemed to have been made until a written or faxed order placed by the Purchaser has been accepted, and confirmed in writing, fax, or e-mail, by JGBM Ltd. Instructions expressed orally shall be excluded unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Director of JGBM Ltd.PricesAll prices exclude VAT and delivery charges. Although every effort is made to publish and quote correct prices, we shall not be held responsible for pricing mistakes that may occur. Prices may change without notice at any time.CancellationWe adopt the statutory right for purchasers to withdraw from the contract up to 14 days from the day after the goods have been delivered. In the event of the purchaser cancelling a contract outside this period, JGBM Ltd reserve the right to make a charge of up to 25% of the full amount of the contract. Modifications to an order can only be accepted with the full approval of JGBM Ltd in writing, and any charges which result in such a modification may be billed to the purchaser. All goods should be returned complete before cancellation can be considered. The condition of returned goods and packaging will influence decisions made regarding any charges being applied (see faulty goods and returns policy). Always keep the original packing for at least 14 days.DeliveryEvery effort is made to deliver promptly, but no delivery dates are guaranteed and deliveries are subject to availability. JGBM Ltd reserves the right to make deliveries in instalments if necessary. Delay in delivery does not relieve the purchaser of his obligation to accept and pay for the remaining deliveries or goods already delivered. All claims for non-delivery shall be deemed waived unless reported to JGBM Ltd within three days of the intended delivery of each shipment. The risk of damage and loss transfers to the purchaser once delivery has taken place. The normal delivery area for JGBM Ltd is the UK, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, ROI. Always check the delivery charges which apply to your shipment.Please note - our courier's normally expedite a morning delivery, however official delivery times are 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday (Saturday and weekday 'timed' deliveries are by arrangement/extra charge). As courier's charge if they are unable to deliver to a 'closed' destination address, or due to refused delivery, this charge may be, in turn, passed on.PaymentUnless otherwise agreed in writing payment for goods should be settled within 30 days from the date on the invoice for approved credit account customers. For non credit account customers payment should be made at the time of ordering in advance of delivery by credit card or cheque. In some cases cheques will be cleared before goods are despatched. JGBM Ltd reserve the right to apply a 2% surcharge per month for late payment of the outstanding debt.Mode of ShipmentJGBM Ltd will endeavour to ship by the route which in its absolute discretion considers to be the most practical considering costs and the required date of delivery.In Transit Damage, Faulty Goods, Shortages, Discrepancies & Returns PolicyThe purchaser shall inspect and test goods on receipt where possible. Any damage should immediately be reported to JGBM Ltd, and the Carrier, noting any shipping reference numbers etc. JGBM shall not be responsible for damaged goods unless they have been reported within 24 hours of receipt.Any shortages or discrepancies should be reported to JGBM within 14 days of receipt.Goods not damaged in transit but becoming faulty within 14 days of receipt should be reported to JGBM when arrangements for replacement, repair, or refund will be made. Faulty or damaged goods must have been received at JGBM in a complete condition and in their original packing before any action will be taken by JGBM to address the situation, unless specific arrangements to the contrary have been made with JGBM. Returned goods which are, upon inspection, found to be in full working order are not accepted for return, and will be immediately returned to sender For goods which become faulty after 14 days, Purchasers should contact the manufacturers who's warranty terms are published on the JGBM website, Catalogue, and CD. Alternatively please ask for a copy of manufacturers warranty terms direct from JGBM. JGBM reserves the right to apply a re-stocking charge of up to 25% if goods are returned incomplete, without the original packing, or as not required / incorrectly ordered. Always keep the original packaging for at least 14 days.Credit/RefundNo goods may be returned for credit or refund unless agreed by JGBM in writing and any credit if granted (at the sole discretion of JGBM) may be subject to the deduction of handling charges and to adjustment depending on the condition of the goods returned. Returned goods which are, upon inspection, found to be in full working order are not accepted for return, and will be immediately returned to sender. The responsibility for damage to returned goods during transit lies with the purchaser unless the carrier transporting the goods has been appointed by JGBM. No Credits or Refunds will be considered until JGBM have received the goods.LiabilityAll shipping dates are approximate and JGBM Ltd shall not be liable for delays caused beyond their reasonable control. JGBM Ltd shall not be liable for and the Purchaser shall indemnify JGBM Ltd against any claim for loss or damage caused by goods supplied by JGBM Ltd whilst in the possession of the Purchaser including any third party claims.JGBM Ltd does not accept responsibility for the specific purposes in which the goods are applied including but not limited to compatibility with other equipment. Specifications published on the Web Site or in printed matter supplied by JGBM Ltd or spoken by a representative or agent of JGBM Ltd concerning any use or application of any goods supplied by JGBM Ltd under this contract is believed to be reliable but JGBM Ltd makes no warranty expressed or implied in regard thereto nor does JGBM Ltd in any way represent the results which may be obtained by integrating its goods with goods supplied by other manufacturers or companies.

Title of Goods The property of all goods supplied by JGBM Ltd shall remain with them until all monies in respect of the goods has been paid. Should the Purchaser default on any payment due under any contract JGBM Ltd has the right without prejudice to recover and remove from the Purchasers premises the goods to which the default refers. The same shall also apply should the Purchaser become bankrupt or insolvent or have a receiving order made against them or compound with their creditors or carry on their business under a Receiver for the benefit of their creditors.

Modification No modifications of these conditions of sale shall be effective or valid unless hereon or contained in a separate written document approved by JGBM Ltd. other statements of action by representatives, agents, or others shall not be valid and until so written and accepted. Where a fixed price is agreed customers must obtain acknowledgment in writing, by fax, or e-mail, as no re-negotiation returns or credit will be processed without this acknowledgment.

Warranty The manufacturers warranty applies to products sold by JGBM Ltd (except in cases otherwise stated) individual manufacturers warranties can viewed on the JGBM Ltd Web site, in the catalogue, or CD, or on request manufacturers warranty terms can be faxed to you.

Security We aim to keep all your personal details secure but are not liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you.

Small Order Charge For orders placed with a net value of less than £10, a small order charge of £2 is applicable.

Law This contract shall be subject to the laws of England and construed in all respects as an English contract.